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REDD+ project development activities in Cambodia were initiated in 2008 and these initiatives continue to inform, as well as influence, the development of the national framework for sustainable forestry. The collective experiences of these REDD+ initiatives at the project level underscore the importance of standardizing the procedures to meet the technical specifications associated with carbon standards to ensure that current and future REDD+ projects are developed and implemented in an efficient and effective manner. Cambodia is also in the early stages of developing a national REDD+ strategy consistent with the development of current REDD pilot projects and it will be imperative to determine the manner.

Forest land tenure security
Forest law enforcement and governance
Livelihood development
Immigration management
Accuracy project monitoring


The annual deforestation rate in Kompong Thom province from 2010 to 2014 was 3.28 %.  This is higher than the national deforestation rate which is at 2.66% only. It is projected that deforestation trend will increase in the future. Kampong Thom province has been selected as the project site because it covers 40% of Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary, which contains a high forest carbon stock of 371.98 t CO2e/ha.

The Tumring REDD+ Project is a joint REDD+ project of Korea and Cambodia REDD.  It was initiated by signing the Memorandum of Understanding of the two parties on 10 December 2014. Tumring REDD+ Project covers only 67, 791 hectares of semi-evergreen forest and evergreen, where 14 community forestry are dwelling in.